Thursday, April 10, 2014

CertLog for Businesses, Contests, and Schools

CertLog is a customized platform for automatic certificate generation. This platform is highly adaptable and powerful. Imagine your company generating hundreds or thousands of beautiful certificates within minutes. This would save you hours of manually inserting names and signatures into individual certificates.

Imagine your company’s magnified exposure to social media as all of your certificate recipients share their accomplishments across their online networks. The possibilities are endless.

Often the certificate of completion is incentive for participants to take part in the contest or training. The certificate is a source of pride. The participant has accomplished something worthy. He or she can share it with everyone they care about easily. In this day and age, everyone loves to share, especially online. It is easy and convenient.

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Example applications for CertLog include, but are not limited to:

·         Personal training certification
·         Karate school belt certification
·         Marathon completion certificate
·         Mechanic certification
·         Photography contests
·         Art contests
·         Writing contests
·         Beauty/hairdresser school certification
·         Employee recognition certificate

·         Completion of program/certification class

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