Tuesday, April 22, 2014

CertLog for Graduates

Congratulations Class of 2014!

Why not memorialize your hard-earned diploma, degree, or other certificate by signing up with CertLog?

CertLog provides a free, customizable experience for recent graduates to share their accomplishment with friends and family. By signing up with CertLog, graduates are able to scan, upload and share their certificates with virtually anyone online. Graduates are sure to never lose their valuable certificates when they are stored on CertLog’s available 24/7 database.

Additionally, CertLog allows users to share certificates with potential employers. What an easy and tech savvy way to demonstrate credibility and put yourself ahead of the competition! Have you just graduated? Are you looking for a new job? CertLog allows you to securely share your certificates with potential employers and hiring managers. Additionally, CertLog allows you to see if your certificate has been viewed. This allows job seekers to filter out uninterested hiring managers.

It only takes minutes to profile your graduation certificate online and share it across your professional and social networks. These few minutes of investment will undeniably prove beneficial in the long run. Years down the line, having an online copy of your certificate will be essential. CertLog may positively impact your job search; but it will also provide a permanent, fond memory of your accomplishment.

For the young ones, parents can create online certificate profiles for their children by scanning their child’s graduation certificate, adding pictures and videos, and then sharing with friends and family. What a keepsake! CertLog makes a lovely graduation present.

For more information, go to www.certlog.com. For any additional questions, contact support@certlog.com.

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