Thursday, April 17, 2014

CertLog Is Green

CertLog Is Green

Celebrate Earth Day by going paperless! Each year, Americans throw away 4.5 million tons of paper. This is the equivalent of a 12 foot wall from New York to Los Angeles! Help out the environment by doing a good deed: go paperless. Contribute to this positive movement toward technology and away from unnecessary waste. Instead of issuing paper copies of certificates and awards this year, why not issue electronic certificates? Why not save money and the environment at the same time?
CertLog provides a convenient and user-friendly platform for multiple purposes. Issuing certificates online demonstrates a technical intelligence as well as a compassionate conscience toward the environment.

Creating certificates through CertLog is easy, fast, and convenient. CertLog’s innovative platform allows users to instantly create and issue hundreds or even thousands of certificates—virtually. Instead of wasting all those pieces of paper, Go Green: choose CertLog. No longer will you be wasting time individually customizing and signing certificates. No longer will you be wasting money on mail, ink, and paper. CertLog is the future of certificate generation. Hop on board and join the movement.
Save the Earth by doing your part. Save your important documents to a free CertLog profile and be able to access them anytime, anywhere. Instead of accidentally losing your certificates and awards to the trash bin, why not be proactive and memorialize your documents forever online?

CertLog is the answer to all your certificate needs.

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