Thursday, April 24, 2014

Certlog, the ULTIMATE recognition tool!

CertLog: A technology directed toward branding yourself through creative, presentable, informational E-Portfolios.

Did you know, you can empower and appreciate your talent and hard work by giving your “Certificates” new value and new meaning like never before?!! Certlog’s secret is to turn your certificate into an “e-Certificate” by scanning and uploading it. How does that help? That helps in more ways than you could have imagined. First and foremost your e-Certificate is ready to be used, leveraged as opposed to your hard copy being stored away in a box or filed or potentially being lost.

Here’s an example of an E-certificate received by Rasik Maharjan for participation in a photography contest by a non-profit organization.

E-Certificates can be a power package! CertLog helps you add that power by attaching; a picture while receiving your award or graduation, a video of the ceremony or of the presentation you were appreciated for, the website of the company or professional association, educational institution or non-profit organization you received the certificate from, and a description which provides more insight of your talent recognition or a note for memory.

Here’s a picture submitted by Rasik Maharjan for the photography contest which is automatically attached to the online certificate.

Let’s get all your E-certificates together by arranging and organizing as you please and you have for yourself, your comprehensive talent recognition and appreciation tool all ready for you to use anytime and anywhere, what we like to call your E-portfolio.

Certlog helps you share your E-Portfolio or E-certificates on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others instantly.

Isn’t it great to have quick access to your E-Portfolios at the right time and right place to tap those bigger opportunities? Save your hard work and value your accomplishments by creating your E-Portfolio.
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