Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Benefits of Certification

Recognition of the society is very important for every individual at any stage of life. The level of its importance is overt by the fact that an achievement is not appreciated until it is recognised. This recognition is usually provided by an authorized group of people in terms of a trophy, a gift or most often by awarding a certificate! When a certificate holds your name describing your achievement, it no longer remains just a piece of paper. It becomes immensely powerful and capable of helping you realize your dream. A certificate becomes your voice when you approach someone for employment.

A reliable survey of as many as 700 information technology companies revealed many facts that further enhance the importance of a certified recognition. 60% of the employers believe that Certificate can get you a job. Similarly 86% of hiring managers give high or medium priority to certified candidates. They help employers in prioritizing candidates for the job vacancy. For hiring managers in reputed companies like Microsoft a certified candidate is more attractive than a non certified one. This is surely because he carries around a reliable proof of his capabilities which cannot be denied easily. It has also been an experience of employees in various industries that a certificate made them eligible for promotion.

Although the above mentioned reasons are strong enough to put forward the importance of certification. There are some more things that are worth mentioning here. Any organization looks for extremely productive staff that is capable of taking the company to the zenith. This capability is exhibited through a certificate which most people like to rely on while deciding who will execute their decisions in the best way. This is a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee. So if you have a certificate that can take you places its time you show it to the world!

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